Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hang it up and give it a break

Source: The Sartorialist
Some of my clients wear their suits out too fast.

I have had customers tell me their suits don't normally last. This can be a quality issue where the suit is not fully canvassed and the fabric is of poor quality but usually it's a care problem. Never wear the same suit two days running. Hang the suit on a proper shaped hanger after wearing it and give it at least 24 hours to allow the fibres to relax and any moisture to dissipate. If it gets creased don't dry clean it. Ask the dry cleaner to press it only so the steam will rejuvenate the suit without the harsh chemicals that break down the wool fibres. Only dry clean your suit if it has visible dirt marks.

The professional man should have at least four suits in his wardrobe at any one time that they rotate daily: a dark blue suit, a pin-striped suit, a grey suit and a summer suit. This gives longevity to all your suits and the opportunity to select the appropriate colour and style for the situation.

Pernac has suits in pure wool from $449 in summer weights and from $549 in mid season weights.

Light Grey for Summer
Classic Navy

Blue Pinstripe

Charcoal Grey