Thursday, March 31, 2011

Autumn Colour

(Source: Sartorialist via GQ)

With the milder morning temperatures, the leaves starting to turn and daylight saving about to finish this Sunday I'm really feeling autumnal. Dressing for autumn means an extra layer or a thicker existing layer. This is when we wear our jackets for warmth as well as fashion.

Autumn is all about grey and windy skies and is the moodiest of the seasons and we can reflect this in our clothes. Be bold and instead of wearing plain or striped fabrics wear squares and checks and also bright colours for an uplifting mood and the warmth they give us.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tailored Overcoats

Winter will be upon us very soon. We're lucky it doesn't get too cold on mainland Australia but we do need something to cover our jackets during June, July and August to keep the elements at bay when outside. Wool and cashmere fabrics between 300gr and 430gr are perfect for our climate as they keep the cold at bay but are supple enough to still drape beautifully. Choose a neutral colour with black, blue and grey the best choices in plains or herringbones. The Pernac coat pictured is fashionable in a 300gr grey herringbone with epaulettes on the shoulders, a black velvet collar, black buttons and stitching. Perfect for a mild winter. You may also consider wearing a pocket square in your coat's breast pocket if it has one.

Pernac have coat fabrics in 100% wool at $549 and $749 and 100% cashmere at $999.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Colours, Patterns and Textures

(Source: Overseaspropertymall)

More than two different colours, patterns and textures in combination is very hard to successfully pull off and even if you do you'll draw attention to yourself. If that's not the aim of the game (and it usually is not) it's best to stick to just two colours, patterns or textures in your combination. To complete your look make sure you wear a matching belt to your shoes and your socks should be the same colour as your suit.

(Source: Soundoffcolumn)

David Beckham is known more for his street fashion but when he wears a suit he usually gets it right. Here at top he wears a classic grey suit and white shirt combination but the feature is the black textured tie. Below he is in a modern cut blue suit with white shirt but again the tie is the feature in a striking red satin silk. Keep it simple with the focus on one element and you can't go wrong.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Best Fit For Your Shape

(Source: Culture Shoq)

Daniel Craig is one of the best dressed men in the world. He is lucky to have height and build in perfect proportion, so looking good in clothes is easy. For most of us though we have to compromise on the fit of our clothes. Men can benefit greatly from tailor made clothes by using tricks to emphasise your best attributes and mask your worst. Below are some styling tips for different body shapes.

You want to create length so stay away from squared patterned fabrics. Have your jacket a few centimeters shorter to make your legs appear longer. Don't have the shoulders of your jacket wider than the end of your shoulders. Taper the waist and have a long lapel on a 2 button single breasted jacket. Never have pleats or turn ups on your trousers and ensure your trouser length is not too long - just a small break to emphasise the vertical.

Like short men keep away from squared patterned fabrics. You want to keep the eye away from the stomach so keep your jacket closed when you wear it and put a colourful pocket square in your handkerchief pocket. Avoid double breasted jackets as they have more fabric and accentuate the stomach. A pleat in your trousers will give you room and make your stomach appear smaller. Trouser length should be the same as short men.

Your shoulder line should be close fitting and the jacket needs a narrow waist to make the shoulders appear broad. The jacket can be slightly longer by a few cm but if the shoulders are too wide it will look too big on you. Trousers can be a little longer but shouldn't bunch up at the back of the shoe.

Pernac can advise on the right mix of fit and style to make the most of any body shape.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fit is Paramount

(Source: Black Tie Guide)

The fit of your suit is the most important element to get right. A badly fitting $3,000 suit will look terrible on you whilst a well fitting $500 suit will have you looking and feeling fantastic. Brad Pitt shows this to be true with his designer tuxedo sleeves and trouser hems too long. Whilst the rest of the suit fits him pretty well the eye just can't get past the super long sleeves and trousers. These are very simple alterations to make on an off the rack suit and essential elements to get right on a tailor made suit.

Having a tailor made suit ensures that the fit is right whatever your body shape so when you wear it you will look and feel great. There are some things that can be done to enhance your strengths and mask the weaknesses and I'll expand on these in the next post.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Classic Blue Suit

(Source: The Gentlemen's Standard)

To go with your classic plain charcoal grey suit your second classic suit should be a navy blue pinstripe. This can be with a single or double breasted jacket although if you are younger then you will probably want to have the single breasted jacket. If you are in the financial or legal world a pinstripe is a fabric that gives the wearer both style and authority and even more so with a double breasted jacket.

(Source: Dapper Kid)

If you lean towards a more modern approach to style consider a plain navy single breasted suit. This suit is the most versatile suit you will ever own. As well as wearing the suit dressed up or down as you like with different shirt, tie and pocket square combinations, you can simply wear the jacket with your charcoal grey trousers as a combination suit, more casually with chinos or even more casually with jeans.

(Source: The Sartorialist)

Accessorize your navy suit with brown shoes instead of black. Brown is the more classic partner for navy and as most wear black it stands out and makes a statement. Pair your shoes with a matching brown belt with a gold buckle to complete a classic look.

Pernac have blue pinstripe and plain fabrics in all ranges. 100% wool in 100's, $549. Super 110's, $849. Super 130's, $999. Dormeuil, $1,399.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mad Men Style

(Source: The Age)

The Mad Men TV series has recently inspired both women and mens fashion in Europe and the US and now it has gone mainstream here. At the Myer Autumn/Winter Fashion Launch yesterday the catwalk was overrun with Mad Men glamour. On show were stylish dinner suits with close fitting and narrow peak lapel jackets accessorised with the obligatory white folded pocket square. It's a classic but timeless look and was finished off beautifully with slicked down hair and dark rimmed spectacles.

(Source: The Age)

Also on show were fifties style three piece suits in sombre greys and checks. The addition of a waistcoat really does maketh the man!

Pernac can tailor make a Mad Men suit which includes a tight fit, narrow lapels and slanted pockets and we have lots of Mad Men style fabrics including plain grey and end on end fabrics as well as wool/mohair mixes which give the fabric that translucent sharkskin sheen so popular in the late fifties and early sixties.