Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PERNAC is running a competition to win a tailor-made suit worth $1,199. It's a pure wool tailor-made suit in one of 90 SUPER 120's Bruno McKenzie fabrics. 
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hang it up and give it a break

Source: The Sartorialist
Some of my clients wear their suits out too fast.

I have had customers tell me their suits don't normally last. This can be a quality issue where the suit is not fully canvassed and the fabric is of poor quality but usually it's a care problem. Never wear the same suit two days running. Hang the suit on a proper shaped hanger after wearing it and give it at least 24 hours to allow the fibres to relax and any moisture to dissipate. If it gets creased don't dry clean it. Ask the dry cleaner to press it only so the steam will rejuvenate the suit without the harsh chemicals that break down the wool fibres. Only dry clean your suit if it has visible dirt marks.

The professional man should have at least four suits in his wardrobe at any one time that they rotate daily: a dark blue suit, a pin-striped suit, a grey suit and a summer suit. This gives longevity to all your suits and the opportunity to select the appropriate colour and style for the situation.

Pernac has suits in pure wool from $449 in summer weights and from $549 in mid season weights.

Light Grey for Summer
Classic Navy

Blue Pinstripe

Charcoal Grey

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Tailor

This is a great short film about one of the classic pitfalls of tailoring...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Best Dressed World Leaders

Source: Scabal
Watching President Barack Obama recently make his "We got Osama" speech made me think how presidential he always looks. No doubt about it - he really dresses the part of President of the United States. Obama is usually in a plain grey or plain blue tailored suit with the only splash of colour a plain coloured tie. This is such a classic look and he uses it to project authority and charisma. Obama has his suits tailored by Georges de Paris who is a prominent Washington tailor. His style is classic, understated and above all consistent. In my mind he is easily the worlds best dressed leader.

Source: The Independent
President Sarkozy of France is a bit of an Obama clone. Never backward in his love of the US this also goes to the way he dresses. He has been described variously as a JFK throwback or like Sinatra but I think he takes his fashion cues from Obama.

Source: Petermartin
Modern Australian leaders don't have anywhere near Obama's style and you would have to go back to Paul Keating and his Italian double breasted suits in the 80's to get close. He could never shake the undertaker monika with his long chin and permanent 5 oclock shadow but his suits were well cut and gave him a powerful look. He would have been better in single breasted jackets to soften himself a little.

Source: London Lounge
Dead for nearly 50 years JFK was and still is a style icon. I doubt there will ever be someone like him in politics anywhere in the world again but he sure knew how to dress so women wanted him and men wanted to be him.

Who is your best dressed world leader?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Button Up

(Source: The Sartorialist)
It's not universally understood how to button a jacket up. Convention dictates that the last button is never done up and this stems from King Edward VII. As he put on weight he unbuttoned the last button on his jacket to give him some relief and the gentry followed suit. The convention has stuck probably because it is a less rigid way of wearing a jacket and looks better as well.

Always leave the bottom jacket button unbuttoned to be sartorially correct.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ties Maketh the Man

(Source: A Suitable Wardrobe)

These days ties are worn less and less because our office environments are more casual but wearing a tie displays your individuality and style, and is usually the crowning glory to your look or the reason why it's a disaster. If you want to pull it off the thing to remember is that your tie should complement your outfit - not the other way around.

Ties look best when they contrast with your suit fabric with either their colour or texture. If you are wearing a patterned suit it's hard to wear a striped or patterned tie successfully as usually they will clash. Wearing a plain tie complements the pattern in the suit. Wearing a plain suit you can wear a striped or patterned tie but only with a plain shirt so the patterns won't clash. The best option is to own a number of plain coloured ties that can be rotated with your suits plus a few elegant striped or patterned ties for a more striking look.

Below are a sample of the selection of ties available at Pernac in hand made in silk.

Midnight Blue Plain Satin Silk $49

Basket Weave Purple Silk $49

Basket Weave Blue Silk $49

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Autumn Colour

(Source: Sartorialist via GQ)

With the milder morning temperatures, the leaves starting to turn and daylight saving about to finish this Sunday I'm really feeling autumnal. Dressing for autumn means an extra layer or a thicker existing layer. This is when we wear our jackets for warmth as well as fashion.

Autumn is all about grey and windy skies and is the moodiest of the seasons and we can reflect this in our clothes. Be bold and instead of wearing plain or striped fabrics wear squares and checks and also bright colours for an uplifting mood and the warmth they give us.