Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Button Up

(Source: The Sartorialist)
It's not universally understood how to button a jacket up. Convention dictates that the last button is never done up and this stems from King Edward VII. As he put on weight he unbuttoned the last button on his jacket to give him some relief and the gentry followed suit. The convention has stuck probably because it is a less rigid way of wearing a jacket and looks better as well.

Always leave the bottom jacket button unbuttoned to be sartorially correct.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ties Maketh the Man

(Source: A Suitable Wardrobe)

These days ties are worn less and less because our office environments are more casual but wearing a tie displays your individuality and style, and is usually the crowning glory to your look or the reason why it's a disaster. If you want to pull it off the thing to remember is that your tie should complement your outfit - not the other way around.

Ties look best when they contrast with your suit fabric with either their colour or texture. If you are wearing a patterned suit it's hard to wear a striped or patterned tie successfully as usually they will clash. Wearing a plain tie complements the pattern in the suit. Wearing a plain suit you can wear a striped or patterned tie but only with a plain shirt so the patterns won't clash. The best option is to own a number of plain coloured ties that can be rotated with your suits plus a few elegant striped or patterned ties for a more striking look.

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