Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ties Maketh the Man

(Source: A Suitable Wardrobe)

These days ties are worn less and less because our office environments are more casual but wearing a tie displays your individuality and style, and is usually the crowning glory to your look or the reason why it's a disaster. If you want to pull it off the thing to remember is that your tie should complement your outfit - not the other way around.

Ties look best when they contrast with your suit fabric with either their colour or texture. If you are wearing a patterned suit it's hard to wear a striped or patterned tie successfully as usually they will clash. Wearing a plain tie complements the pattern in the suit. Wearing a plain suit you can wear a striped or patterned tie but only with a plain shirt so the patterns won't clash. The best option is to own a number of plain coloured ties that can be rotated with your suits plus a few elegant striped or patterned ties for a more striking look.

Below are a sample of the selection of ties available at Pernac in hand made in silk.

Midnight Blue Plain Satin Silk $49

Basket Weave Purple Silk $49

Basket Weave Blue Silk $49

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