Monday, May 16, 2011

Best Dressed World Leaders

Source: Scabal
Watching President Barack Obama recently make his "We got Osama" speech made me think how presidential he always looks. No doubt about it - he really dresses the part of President of the United States. Obama is usually in a plain grey or plain blue tailored suit with the only splash of colour a plain coloured tie. This is such a classic look and he uses it to project authority and charisma. Obama has his suits tailored by Georges de Paris who is a prominent Washington tailor. His style is classic, understated and above all consistent. In my mind he is easily the worlds best dressed leader.

Source: The Independent
President Sarkozy of France is a bit of an Obama clone. Never backward in his love of the US this also goes to the way he dresses. He has been described variously as a JFK throwback or like Sinatra but I think he takes his fashion cues from Obama.

Source: Petermartin
Modern Australian leaders don't have anywhere near Obama's style and you would have to go back to Paul Keating and his Italian double breasted suits in the 80's to get close. He could never shake the undertaker monika with his long chin and permanent 5 oclock shadow but his suits were well cut and gave him a powerful look. He would have been better in single breasted jackets to soften himself a little.

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Dead for nearly 50 years JFK was and still is a style icon. I doubt there will ever be someone like him in politics anywhere in the world again but he sure knew how to dress so women wanted him and men wanted to be him.

Who is your best dressed world leader?

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  1. The President of Spain always looks pretty good. I agree about Paul and the double breasted suits. He would look better in single breasted.