Monday, February 21, 2011

Classic First Suit

(Source: Ask Men)

How do you build a suitable wardrobe? Of course this depends on your personal circumstances but everyone needs at least one suit. Like Leonardo let's start with what should be every man's first suit choice - the charcoal grey single breasted.

This is the most versatile suit colour and shape and can be worn in any situation. It's appropriate in all work settings, weddings, funerals and all social engagements. Grey suits all skin tones and those with darker skin should choose a lighter grey. A single breasted jacket is modern and timeless and suits all body shapes. Trousers can be pleated or cuffed at the bottom or flat fronted with no cuffs as you like.

Add your own personality to your look by pairing your suit with a smart shirt and tie combination. Go with the classic combination of a white shirt and either a grey or black tie, or create a bigger impact with a bright pink or purple tie. Mid-grey and pale blue are also good shirt matches for charcoal grey. Most wear black shoes and belt with charcoal grey but brown is the more classic and sophisticated look. Finally finish off your look with a pocket square to match your shirt or tie.

Pernac have fabrics in charcoal grey in all ranges. 100% wool in 100's, $549. Super 110's, $849. Super 130's, $999. Dormeuil, $1,399.

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