Friday, February 25, 2011

The Three Piece Suit is Back

(Source: Den of Geek)

Seen most recently in street wear the waistcoat has made a welcome return to suits. I have recently been watching the 70's police drama "The Sweeney" and everyone wore three piece suits, even when they were apprehending villains and celebrating down the pub. Those waistcoats were single breasted 10 to 12 buttons or double breasted and buttoned very high but we are now seeing much lower buttoned single breasted waistcoats with 5 or 6 buttons.

(Source: Simon Spurr)

Waistcoats are a superb addition to a suit that make a great fashion statement and give the wearer a sense of style. Current fashion is that the waistcoat should be in the same fabric as the suit and be very fitted along with the jacket. A three piece suit gives the wearer more versatility and because the waistcoat is close fitting creates a slimming effect.

All Pernac tailor made suits can be made with a waistcoat and there are five styles to choose from.

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