Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Best Fit For Your Shape

(Source: Culture Shoq)

Daniel Craig is one of the best dressed men in the world. He is lucky to have height and build in perfect proportion, so looking good in clothes is easy. For most of us though we have to compromise on the fit of our clothes. Men can benefit greatly from tailor made clothes by using tricks to emphasise your best attributes and mask your worst. Below are some styling tips for different body shapes.

You want to create length so stay away from squared patterned fabrics. Have your jacket a few centimeters shorter to make your legs appear longer. Don't have the shoulders of your jacket wider than the end of your shoulders. Taper the waist and have a long lapel on a 2 button single breasted jacket. Never have pleats or turn ups on your trousers and ensure your trouser length is not too long - just a small break to emphasise the vertical.

Like short men keep away from squared patterned fabrics. You want to keep the eye away from the stomach so keep your jacket closed when you wear it and put a colourful pocket square in your handkerchief pocket. Avoid double breasted jackets as they have more fabric and accentuate the stomach. A pleat in your trousers will give you room and make your stomach appear smaller. Trouser length should be the same as short men.

Your shoulder line should be close fitting and the jacket needs a narrow waist to make the shoulders appear broad. The jacket can be slightly longer by a few cm but if the shoulders are too wide it will look too big on you. Trousers can be a little longer but shouldn't bunch up at the back of the shoe.

Pernac can advise on the right mix of fit and style to make the most of any body shape.

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