Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Classic Blue Suit

(Source: The Gentlemen's Standard)

To go with your classic plain charcoal grey suit your second classic suit should be a navy blue pinstripe. This can be with a single or double breasted jacket although if you are younger then you will probably want to have the single breasted jacket. If you are in the financial or legal world a pinstripe is a fabric that gives the wearer both style and authority and even more so with a double breasted jacket.

(Source: Dapper Kid)

If you lean towards a more modern approach to style consider a plain navy single breasted suit. This suit is the most versatile suit you will ever own. As well as wearing the suit dressed up or down as you like with different shirt, tie and pocket square combinations, you can simply wear the jacket with your charcoal grey trousers as a combination suit, more casually with chinos or even more casually with jeans.

(Source: The Sartorialist)

Accessorize your navy suit with brown shoes instead of black. Brown is the more classic partner for navy and as most wear black it stands out and makes a statement. Pair your shoes with a matching brown belt with a gold buckle to complete a classic look.

Pernac have blue pinstripe and plain fabrics in all ranges. 100% wool in 100's, $549. Super 110's, $849. Super 130's, $999. Dormeuil, $1,399.

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