Friday, March 25, 2011

Tailored Overcoats

Winter will be upon us very soon. We're lucky it doesn't get too cold on mainland Australia but we do need something to cover our jackets during June, July and August to keep the elements at bay when outside. Wool and cashmere fabrics between 300gr and 430gr are perfect for our climate as they keep the cold at bay but are supple enough to still drape beautifully. Choose a neutral colour with black, blue and grey the best choices in plains or herringbones. The Pernac coat pictured is fashionable in a 300gr grey herringbone with epaulettes on the shoulders, a black velvet collar, black buttons and stitching. Perfect for a mild winter. You may also consider wearing a pocket square in your coat's breast pocket if it has one.

Pernac have coat fabrics in 100% wool at $549 and $749 and 100% cashmere at $999.

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